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Year of the Rat
Tomorrow is Chinese New Year's. I'm excited about this, because it will kick off the year of the Rat.

I, myself, am a Rat.

Yes, yes, thank you, I've heard most of the jokes before. Sheesh. Everyone's a comedian.

Hmn I really need to get back to work on starting my cult. Maybe this would be a good year to do it.

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I'm a rat, too!

*goes back to lurking*

yeah I get a lot of jokes about mine too..year of the boar, heh.

i'm a tiger but my son is being born this year, so he's gonna be a rat, he just doesn't know it yet ;)

I iz a snake... ;)

*licks lips*

I'm a tiger who can't decide if she should growl or purr...

Monkey here, surprise surprise. Oh, and squeek squeeker, squeek squeeken. AKA have a good ratty year :)

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